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Could your organisation benefit from a software solution that can enable mobile devices to secure all company data, with no visibility of any personal information?

If your answer is yes, catch-up on the webinar to hear about how organisations can ensure that they keep a protection barrier between work and play, for all users, whilst simplifying the way their teams work.

This webinar focusses on the two main options for mobile security:

Zero passwords - A zero password policy means that no matter the device, the user will never have to enter a password. Instead, Single Sign On (SSO) with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is used to protect them and their data. 

Some of the benefits of zero passwords are:

- A great user experience 
- Military grade security 
- Eliminates password reset requests for support teams
- Works on multiple applications

Zero touch deployments  - this means that on any transition to new devices, a complete set up can be rolled out remotely. 

Some of the benefits of zero touch deployments are:

- Simplifies all logistics 
- Time saving
- Cost and internal resources reduction 
- All relevant applications can be rolled out at once securely

If you'd like to hear more on your mobile safety options, speak to the team today>>