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Webinar: Back to the Future of the Office

Join our webinar and discover how to adapt your organisation to a hybrid future...

Date: Wednesday 21st April 
Time: 2pm (45mins)
Location: Online

The office is back!

After months of shutdown and remote operations, thousands of UK businesses are unlocking their offices and discovering a new way of working. Change is driven by attitude shifts from employers, customers and staff. Customers and employees like the convenience of virtual interaction but crave the sociability of face-to-face. Employers need to balance staff wellbeing with maintaining business efficiency and strong customer service. The result is a fast-growing demand for hybrid working, a blend of on-premise and remote working that requires virtual collaboration to be effective both inside and outside the office.

Join our webinar to learn how to:

  •         Optimise your meeting spaces for virtual team working
  •         Upgrade your networks to be more robust and hybrid-centric
  •         Tighten your security to protect against amplified cyber-risk

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