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Confused about the upcoming changes to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)? 

We expect, like us, you have seen a lot of content around the “PSTN Big Switch Off”. It’s a big subject and we have seen many mixed messages, which inadvertently may be creating more confusion than help.

We want to support you through this process and provide clarity on:
*what is happening                                                 *what it affects
*when it will happen                                               *how you can be prepared for it

Join our drop-in session to have your questions answered.

Date: Thursday 12th May Time: 11am - 11:30am

The Big Switch Off will affect all organisations, and with no two operating in the same way it is important to understand your current situation, know how to move forward and be prepared for a seamless transition. Bring your questions and discuss them in an
open forum.

This session has now taken place, if you would like more information on the Big Switch Off, click here >>