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The state of email security - a layered approach

Watch our webinar to find out how technology can help you help your IT users, including blocking impersonation attacks through to converting all incoming files to avoid the Malware and dangerous file types entering your organisation.

In the webinar, you will learn: 

  • Ways to protect your organisation from impersonation attacks
  • How safe file conversion can reduce your risk
  • How to utilise sandboxing for email attachments
  • Best Practice for Email Security

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Email continues to be one the major headaches for IT teams and one of the most profitable for attackers.

Organisations have seen an increase in attacks and the attackers getting 'better' at what they do - a layered approach to email security is crucial in reducing your risk.

The NCSC recently updated their guidance around how to protect your organisation from phishing. This now suggests that organisations concentrate on a layered approach, including awareness, simulation and technical solutions.

In a recent survey, there was some interesting but not unsurprising findings:

  • 67%* of organisations saw an increasing in impersonation / business email compromise attacks
  • 54% of organisations saw an increase in phishing
  • 73% of impersonal attack / BEC victims faced a direct resulting loss
  • 53% of organisations experienced a business-disrupting ransomware attack - up from 26% the previous year