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8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams

8x8 8x8-Logo_200-1Voice for Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based PBX-to-PBX integration with Microsoft Phone System, delivering connectivity to customers that want to retain Microsoft Teams as their sole collaboration interface - users can continue to enjoy the user experience they are accustomed to when making calls, whether they are to internal teammates, co-workers who don't use Teams, customers or partners.

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All about Voice for Microsoft Teams

8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams provides an enterprise-grade cloud voice communications solution, for those that want to keep Microsoft Teams at the centre of their collaboration experience.

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Through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, with cloud communication

8x8 Open Communication Platform can help you to maintain business continuity and provides a blueprint for future business resilience.

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How 8x8 integrates with Microsoft Teams

With a global infrastructure leveraging regional, Microsoft-certified SBCs across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams uses Microsoft’s Direct Routing interface to connect to a customer’s tenant on the Microsoft Phone System via VoIP SIP trunking, providing that customer with PSTN connectivity and global calling plans in 38+ different countries worldwide.

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Our Fusion proposition

Fusion Teams from the Charterhouse Voice and Data Group is a new and powerful portfolio of voice solutions, integrating all the features of your current telephone system with Microsoft Teams to build a self-contained online collaboration space, giving your organisation the flexibility and agility to react quickly to market changes. 

Fusion Teams gives you: 

Stronger collaboration: Combining Microsoft Teams functionality with feature-rich voice enhances collaboration between your internal teams and customers and contacts outside your organisation.

Flexible working: Always-on voice availability supports remote working with no reliance on office-based infrastructure.

Cost saving: Improve communication, raise productivity and save money with a choice of price plans.

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Fusion Overview