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Investigate & Hunt Threats with Cortex XDR


Date: Wednesday 28th April 2021
Time: 4pm - 6pm
Location: Online

Join us! Take part in this fun filled virtual event, to gain knowledge on how to combat future threats. 

Your mission: to hunt down, stop and solve stealthy attacks quickly, in a cloud-based environment. Users will use Cortex XDR to identify as many of these issues as possible within a predetermined amount of time.

Your Capture the Flag challenge will be followed by a tutored beer tasting session with Siren Brewery, and the Capture the Flag winner will be awarded an iPad at the end of the event. 

PAlo Alto 200-1

On this mission you will:

  • Race to uncover security incident details & capture territories
  • Reveal compromised hosts & vulnerable rules
  • Level up your ability to investigate suspicious activity in your enterprise

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