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Event Recap: Your Peers used  Prisma™ Cloud Technology to Investigate & Hunt Threats during our Latest Virtual Capture the Flag Event

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Cloud security is changing quickly, and organisations around the world struggle to implement and integrate the shifting pieces of the puzzle – threat detection, visibility, misconfiguration management and risk remediation – all while complying with industry standards.

With all these things to consider, how can you be sure you have what you need to keep your organisation secure in the public cloud?

Their mission: Identify security issues and misconfigurations in a public cloud environment.

Their weapon: Using Palo Alto Networks Prisma™ Cloud to identify as many of these issues as possible in the time limit.

Attendees joined cloud cybersecurity peers and experts for our capture the flag event to hone their skills and knowledge to help combat future cloud threats.

On this mission attendees:

    • Picked up the latest Cloud Security Skills 
    • PAlo Alto 200-1Had fun!

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