To support you, our customers, during these challenging times we've put together a solution with our long term partner Gamma that enables you to deploy full remote working capabilities to all staff – without needing to make a long term commitment or to face high costs. Our solution is 100% cloud-based rapidly, deployed whether completely managed and delivered by CVD or through collaboration between our teams.

What's included?

  • Next-gen communications platform – our client is supported for Windows Desktops, Laptops, Mac, Android and iOS devices
  • Multi-media – IM, Voice, Video, Desktop/Application Sharing and more – all within our Collaborate client
  • Flexible Working – ability to work from anywhere via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/5G services
  • Conferencing – MyRoom Feature, an instant fully-managed conferencing space for voice, video and sharing to enable quick multi-party collaboration
  • PBX Feature Set – Horizon supports most common PBX capabilities 
  • Presence – always-on personal status
  • Video Calling – stronger more collaborative user experience
  • Enhanced Voicemail – access to voicemail directly from the desktop and the ability to forward to teams as required
  • Call Recording (Not included within standard offer) – the ability to bolt-on FCA compliant call recording as needed
  • Inclusive Calls – 2,000 minutes to UK Mobile and 2,000 minutes to 01/02 with 15% of calls to 03

Commercial Offer 

  • Flexible 30 day terms
  • Pricing is valid for 4 months from go-live
  • One-Off Costs (up to 20 users) - £750 to include engineering and project management
  • Monthly Rental - £15 per user/ month

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