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Fusion Teams Enterprise is a unique and powerful voice solution that replicates all the features of your current telephony system (PBX) within Microsoft Teams to create a single, self-contained online space for all your internal and external communications. 

Why choose Fusion Teams Enterprise? 

  • Expert advice: We help you consider your options and decide on a future-proof solution to match your organisation’s needs.
  • PBX friendly: Our voice heritage gives us an in-depth knowledge of PBX technologies, so you get a complementary solution that integrates seamlessly and gives better value.
  • Cost-effective: Delivers greater value versus Microsoft Teams Calling Plans and saves on legacy PBX-related  costs such as line rental, calls and support. Fusion Teams Enterprise is now available as a service from Charterhouse.
  • Customer choice: Rather than prescribe a one-size-fits-all service, we offer a wide choice of high-quality solutions to ensure that your needs are met. 

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Fusion Teams Enterprise - now available as a service - enables you to integrate your existing PBX with Microsoft Teams creating one, reliable space for all your team collaboration. 

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Fusion Teams Overview

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