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The Journey to the New Norm is Now...

There is only one certainty. What customers want from you now WILL be different tomorrow.

Taking a modular approach to digital transformation means it's never been easier to keep up. Fit for today, fit for the future!

CirrusSo, what’s stopping you? 

  • Want to start interacting over a new channel?
    • just switch it on!
  • Need to empower your agents to work from home one day, and in the office the next?
    • They can - no changes required!
  • Got Microsoft Teams and want that integrated with your contact centre solution?
    • We have that covered too!

The platform you use should not dictate how you engage with your customers, and with the Cirrus solution it's completely down to you! 

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The right contact centre solution needs...

to enable exceptional Customer Experience

Meeting and exceeding customer expectation needs a strong technical partner who - together with an award-winning contact centre solution - can deliver and support a true omni-channel experience.

Customer needs have changed. What is their new channel of choice, and can you fully support it?

With Cirrus, from Charterhouse, conversations are connected across all channels in a single view, with full history and knowledge base. Your agents have everything they need to be experts – regardless of the channel.



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to leverage what you have

Cirrus was designed to power-up what you already have in place.

There is no point in having to throw away something that works.

This is why Cirrus solutions - delivered by Charterhouse - are designed to complement your existing technology, whether that be Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, or Microsoft Teams, whilst seamlessly connecting to your CRM, and other business applications.

Cirrus takes any risk out of contact centre migration by working with what you already have, so you can take a phased approach at a pace that suits you.



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flexibility without compromise

Let’s face it, no one wants to pay for what they don’t need - which is why a modular approach is so important.

With Cirrus solutions you are able to select what you will use, thus paying for only what you need.

For example, if you want only a handful of your agents to support WhatsApp? That’s fine, you can pay for just them.

Got a number of highly skilled agents who can manage webchats, phone calls and social? Lucky you – we can provide them will all three! 

to support Hybrid Working

It’s all about your people, not where they sit. That should be irrelevant. 

Not all technology works as well outside the office, but Cirrus solutions are designed to do just that. 

A lightweight application, easy on bandwidth and bringing everything your agents need into a single screen. It is intuitive to use which means training time is less than 30 minutes. Supervisors get the visibility they need, whilst agents get the reassurance they are not alone.



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