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Connectivity that surpasses your expectations! 

Charterhouse's resilient, high-performance connectivity solutions leverage our own mission-critical network and our breadth of carrier and service provider and networking partners - to deliver a truly flexible and resilient platform. Contact us to learn more>>

Meeting your enterprise needs

The changing face of enterprise networking needs a different type of solution. Internet and cloud services are becoming truly mission-critical. Enterprise data and application hub locations are moving rapidly off-site, to private and public cloud and data centre locations, often separated from the enterprise private networks they serve.

Our portfolio consists of a variety of LAN and WAN connectivity solutions, ranging from business broadband, dedicated internet access, managed MPLS, SDWAN, fabric based networking and high performance wireless solutions, governed by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We can offer our solutions through the cloud, or on premise and will work to determine what’s best for your organisation.  

Our solutions are tailored to your organisation’s locations and traffic patterns to ensure flexibility, security, and scalability that ensures outstanding quality of service (QoS) for your enterprise applications, wherever they may be

We can bring together the services of multiple diverse internet service providers, with on-net cloud service providers, and direct connections to the main hyperscale clouds. 

 Where required we can wrap our connectivity solutions into a fully managed annuity based model, providing complete peace of mind and assurance around your enterprise connectivity.

Partnering with Charterhouse will provide your enterprise a single organisation to fulfil your connectivity requirements, serviced by the most capable teams in the industry.

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The 12 Networking Considerations for a post-pandemic era...

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives. Nations in lock-down, shuttered businesses, billions of children out of school, hospitals over capacity. There is no business, regardless of size or industry, that has not been impacted by the pandemic.

As the primary threat subsides, governments and businesses are having to determine what is required to get back to some sense of normality. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for the return-to-work phase.

Our partner, Extreme Networks, believe progress is achieved when we connect. Their effortless networking experiences - delivered by Charterhouse - can help ensure you stay connected and safe wherever you are. 

Leverage this Top 12 Networking Considerations eBook to help you prepare your network for the #NewNormal.

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What are the key components of a Network as a Service (NAAS) model?

The move towards as a service models (AAS) within IT has been an unstoppable and inevitable transition - the way that enterprises consume key applications has moved from traditional on premise solutions, towards those that are hosted in the cloud.

Infrastructure is rapidly following this trend, and the recent issues highlighted as a result of COVID-19 have demonstrated the limitations of the status-quo, and the need for networking solutions to follow and be delivered on a AAS model.

Key Components of a Network As A Service Model

Cloud-driven networking must be at the heart of any NAAS model. 

Read the full blog to find out what Tony Brar - Charterhouse Director - said on this. 

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Extreme Network's Fabric Connect Key Capabilities...

Did you know that the average smart phone user utilises only a small percentage of the total features accessible to them?

What about your network? Are you leveraging your Fabric Connect network to its full potential? With networking requirements changing rapidly, there might be features that are more relevant today, than when you first deployed your network.

Or, is Fabric Connect new to you? Do you need to get acquainted with the technology?

This eBook talks about the major capabilities available within the Fabric Connect technology.

The intent is to make you aware of functionality that you may not be leveraging today, so that you can get the most value out of your strategic investment!

If you are just getting started with Fabric Connect, this eBook will help get you acquainted with the technology – but also to really get to know Fabric Connect - there is nothing better than getting hands-on experience through one of our Fabric Connect Virtual Workshops. 

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