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DocuWorld is a place where your dreams can come true; especially if those dreams are of lengthy key note presentations on German document management software. Each April the various businesses, engineers, resellers and partners of DocuWare assemble in Majorca to meet, network and bear witness to the latest innovations that DocuWare are bringing to the European Document Management marketplace.

As an authorised DocuWare Partner Charterhouse attend DocuWorld every year, sending our Document Management experts to join this annual information management menagerie.

As well as being the ideal place to discover what is new in the world of Document Management and DocuWare specifically it also provides a perfect environment for specialised partners to present their customer modules, programmes and complimentary software that enables all DocuWare partners to expand their Solution portfolio. The atmosphere and relationship between the various DocuWare partners would not lead you to believe that they are competitors in their home countries; instead DocuWorld is a place where people share key knowledge and experiences that have had over the last year so that as a group and platform we can improve the way in which we deliver our solution to our customers.

The end result is that in addition to our internal expertise with Document Management we have a wealth of partners who we can work with the ensure that whatever the requirements of our customers we can provide the best customised solutions paired with best-in-breed technology.

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Symity Awarded - Yealink Global Partner of the Year 2022

Award: Yealink Global Partner of the Year 2022

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Charterhouse Stand with Ukraine

We are witnessing a tragedy in Ukraine. Charterhouse wanted to share a note to express unequivocal support for Ukraine as a nation and its people. What we are witnessing is truly appalling.

Charterhouse want to offer support, and importantly help those affected by this unprovoked attack on their country. To make a difference for those impacted by this terrible situation, one that directly benefits the people of Ukraine, we have taken the decision to donate all revenue generated for telephone calls, made by our customers, to and from the Ukraine from 1st March 2022 to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC). Our chosen charity, DEC, focuses on providing food, water, shelter, healthcare, and protection to those displaced by this atrocity.