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We live in a modern era of electronic communication, but a truly paperless office is yet to materialise. Effective print management can be a quick win for your business. How can you take control of the print aspect of your business while ensuring it remains secure - and take care of the environment at the same time?

Here are CVD’s 8 ways to protect your business critical information and reduce the cost of printing and paper use simultaneously by using print technology.

1 Lock down your devices

Locking down devices means that only those who have the correct credentials and permissions can utilise them. Scanning, copying or printing is not possible unless that person has permission to do so. For example, it means that if someone enters your business they are unable to scan out information to their personal email address or copy sensitive information. Information is only available to those who need it or should have it.

2 Release print jobs securely

This removes the situation where print jobs are sent to a printer and are picked up by someone incorrectly or left there for some time before being collected. Secure print release means jobs are only released when you are located at the printer and enter your credentials or swipe your card to release them. This is especially key when printing sensitive information - that panic when you print out disciplinary records or pay information and there’s the inevitable delay in getting to the printer. It completely negates the situation where sensitive information is printed and risks falling into the hands of someone that it shouldn’t have.

3 Control and secure scanned information

The same software that controls secure printing can also be applied to scanning. Set rules for your business to maximise security - for example, the software can be set so that if it recognises something that looks like sensitive information (such as a national insurance number, customer references or credit card numbers) the scan can effectively be blocked and sent to a relevant authority for approval prior to being released. This prevents people from being able to scan and send information they shouldn’t be sending to anyone else.

4 100% device availability

Wherever you are within the organisation, you can walk up to the device nearest to you and release your print jobs. This not only increases security but saves time, improving flexibility and efficiency in the business.

5 Set rules according to the needs of your business

Budgeting and control of print spend is simple. Rules can be set by department, by client, by time period and by black & white or colour, giving ultimate flexibility and control. These rules can also be automatic - for example, when printing from Outlook, the default can be to always print in black & white and first page only instead of colour and the full email trail, which is more costly.

6 Reporting for greater visibility

Gain a greater understanding of who in the organisation is printing the most and the cost impact on the business. Some departments will cost more than others - for example marketing departments may need to print more in colour than black and white, and being able to report on activity will lead to greater awareness of exactly where your print costs are being generated from.

7 Pre charge print cards

Allow guest accounts to be able to print according to a predetermined budget. Universities or schools can allow students to print up to a set weekly budget, and any further printing will require additional funding. These print cards allow guests to have access to printing via email job submission without the security risk of giving them direct access to the organisation’s network.

8 Remove “printed in error” jobs

When you print something by accident, or print too many copies or print in colour rather than black and white, this causes print waste. By only releasing jobs at the printer - and removing any accidental ones - you are instantly reducing print waste and reducing your print costs.

At CVD we pride ourselves on being vendor agnostic - this means we’ll give you best in class advice based on the specific requirements of your business, across any number of software platforms that offer this functionality - PaperCut, UniFlow and Equitrac. It means you get the right solution for your business.

To see how CVD worked with Astrum Education to deliver a quality print solution within a competitive commercial offering, download our case study.


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