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Late last year, after reviewing a number of existing Mimecast configurations and finding some alarming issues, from bypassing anti-spoofing for all emails to no attachment protection in place, I introduced a Mimecast Best Practice Assessment. 

When we went to market in early 2019 to review the email security market, we decided we needed a solution that gives us, and therefore our customers, granular control to reduce gaps in their security posture, we felt the out of the box solutions just didn’t offer that. With email still being used in some way in most successful attacks, we needed to reduce our customers' risk.

We found that Mimecast offered us not only granular control but it also provided us with a layered approach to email security, including Archiving & Awareness training. Crucially, we wanted a solution that offers the same levels of protection to every size of organisation but had to be affordable to all.

Fast forward to the end of 2019, and I was finding organisations investing in what we believe to be one of the market leaders in email security, but unfortunately not using the investment to reduce their risk sufficiently. The majority did have spam policies, however many of the rules were either missed or poorly configured and therefore actually increasing their risk.

At this point, I decided we should have a best practice for all CVD's Mimecast deployments from day one, to ensure that all of our customers were not in the unfortunate position of having mis-configurations or missed rules, like I was seeing when reviewing potential new customers configurations.

We are now offering this best practice assessment to all our existing customers who have purchased Mimecast through CVD or elsewhere. We're also offering it to any organisation that is interested in working with us to secure their Mimecast email gateway. This is free of charge without obligation.

If you are an existing CVD customer, then please speak to your Account Manager and they will arrange the free assessment with one of the Cyber Security Consultants.

If you use Mimecast and would like to work with us to secure your email, please speak to the team. Speak to the team

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