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The world is in uncharted territory as things move quickly with the Coronavirus crisis. With this in mind Charterhouse has made the decision to close the physical office until further notice to minimise unnecessary travel, any potential exposure and enable staff to be closer to home during these challenging times. 

This isn’t a decision that’s been taken lightly, but is one that we feel is essential. The wellbeing of our staff and customers is paramount, and by adopting this social distancing step Charterhouse is supporting the World Health Organisation’s containment and delay objectives, and safeguarding our people and our wider communities.

As we said in our blog last week, it’s very much business as usual for us, wherever our staff are located.  We’ve stress-tested our systems and we know that they work perfectly. Even with the office doors shut the team is as accessible as ever, calling upon a solution portfolio that puts us in the fortunate position of being able to  ‘keep calm & carry on’ with minimal disruption to our customers & staff. 

Lockdown is almost inevitable - it’s no longer a case of “if” but “when”.

Where will your business be when that happens?

Your business is likely to fall into one of these stages: 

  • Properly prepared: Those forward-thinking companies that already have a well defined and tested plan for business continuity. They have already invested in Unified Communications (UC) and home working solutions, and can adjust to a change in the way of working with minimal impact on the business. They’re the businesses that continue uninterrupted when transportation disruption and snow days arise.
  • Planning to prepare:  Businesses who were about to deploy these solutions who are now desperate to get projects completed. These businesses are now facing issues with the supplier, project management and engineering teams to get the deployment of the service over the finish line. 
  • Put it off: Viewed UC and home working solutions as a “nice to have” insurance for something that probably wouldn’t happen... 

Whatever stage your business is in, you’re not alone. We’re here to help you get what your business needs to keep going, and we’re already supporting our clients throughout this changing situation sensitively so that their businesses can effectively adopt an active flexible work culture. Please get in touch to see how we can help you weather this unprecedented situation.

There are challenging times ahead. The Charterhouse team wish you the very best during this period of uncertainty.

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