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It’s still early days but “keep calm and carry on” is the message we’re hearing from our government, as the UK waits to see exactly what the Coronavirus will bring when it reaches its peak. 

Globally, the prospect of restrictions on travel gathers apace with organisations such as Google already advising all their North American staff to work from home until at least 10th April to prevent the spread of the disease. These are unprecedented times that call for radical action. Yet every year the UK workforce, businesses and the economy are also affected by unexpected events that can throw business operations into disarray. Weather conditions and train cancellations due to those enigmatic "leaves on the line" or the “wrong kind of snow” create challenges for staff who find themselves unable to get into the office but need to keep working. How your business responds is key to not just remaining operational but continuing to thrive - whatever the world throws at it.

In the specific case of the Coronavirus, how do you maintain a “business as usual” approach while at the same time protecting both employees and customers by minimising face-to-face contact? 

The answer is empowerment through technology.

Your business needs the right technology model in place that offers seamless connectivity, flexibility and security. Remote working solutions empower your staff, creating a mobile workforce that has the right tools in place to work from any device, from anywhere, at any time. It's all about planning ahead to ensure that connectivity is available and secure, and using collaboration tools such as (Mitel’s MiCollab/Video meetings with 8x8, chat and video with Microsoft Teams) that enable visibility and promote a working environment where staff still feel part of a team. Remote meeting services have never experienced such high demand - according to this article, in China up to 22 times as many people are using Cisco's Webex videoconferencing service since the Coronavirus appeared.

Solutions from us at Charterhouse allow businesses to react quickly and effectively to changing market conditions and unexpected events. It pulls together products from the world’s leading technology vendors, giving your business the flexibility to respond to these unexpected challenges through agile solutions that connect employees and customers no matter where they are.

If the situation in Italy is replicated, we could be facing an extended period where the country is in lock down and being in the office simply isn’t possible. With the technology solutions provided by Charterhouse your business is prepared for the unknown and staff can carry on working regardless. It really can be “business as usual”. 

Speak to the team here  at Charterhouse today to see how we can help future-proof your business.

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