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Join us for CVD CyberCon 2020

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, and CVD is delighted to kick off a month of cyber related activity by launching our first Cyber Security Conference - CVD CyberCon2020.

With recent news that there’s been a sharp rise in cyber attacks during the pandemic, the need for a campaign such as Cyber Security Awareness Month has never been more apparent. The annual campaign that takes place across Europe in October aims to raise awareness of cyber security threats and promote good cyber health via education and sharing of best practice, helping people and organisations make informed decisions and take action to protect themselves online.

Delivered virtually, CVD CyberCon2020 will see attendees enjoy a 360⁰ view of the state of cyber security today with insights from vendors, customers and a well renowned hacker. Five panels that each focus on a different cyber security topic will reveal lessons learned, offer invaluable advice and discuss the current state of play in this ever-evolving world.

Learn how to approach the key challenges we are facing in today’s digital world as we are joined by industry experts from our vendor partners Palo Alto Networks, Rapid7, Infoblox and Radware. Hear from some of our customers such as Camelot Lottery Solutions, Access Group and Orwell Housing on how they have approached their cyber security strategy to cope with the evolving threats their businesses face. And gain an insight into how an adversary could attack you from ethical hacker F C (Freaky Clown) as he delivers his ‘Nation State of Cyber Security’ talk.

To understand cyber security you need to go back to the who, how and why of hacking. At CVD Cyber Con 2020 I’ll help demystify cyber insecurity, looking at both the human and technical elements at play, to demonstrate just how quick and easy cyber attacks can be, and what you can do to protect your organisation.

F C (Freaky Clown)


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The 3 Pillars of Success

The 3 Pillars of Success


How we access and interrogate data defines our strategies around growth. Harnessing the data we gather unlocks the value in our customer base and gives us insight into how to best serve them.

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The Management benefits of deploying SOAR

A small silver lining from 2020 is that it appears that cyber security is beginning to get the attention it deserves. We still have a way to go but we’re seeing cyber security being discussed more regularly at Board level and many organisations looking to significantly improve their cyber security posture in 2021.