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Firstly, a big thank you to all those who were involved in making CVD CYBERCON 2020 happen - the event was a great success and we look forward to running it again next year.

We thought you'd appreciate a summary of the key learnings from the event, which are captured below:

  • Cyber Security should be viewed as an enabler.
    Security is often looked at, by users, as something that gets in the way. However, we heard from our customer panel that when security is embedded into each area of the business, it can enable transformation and growth.
  • Consistency to security is the key to an effective strategy.
    The industry experts taught us that although the way we work is changing, with the move to a distributed workforce and the cloud, your cyber security should remain constant no matter the environment or location. Consistency around policy, process and technology, along with tools that offer you prevention, visibility and context leads to a more secure organisation.
  • Hackers will always look for the easiest option.
    F C shared that each individual organisation should review their threat model to understand where they are exposed. While we might not all be in danger of a nation state attack, often it’s the simple attacks that pose the biggest risk.

During the event, we ran a number of polls so I thought it would be helpful to share some of the  results:

  • When asked about their migration to SD-WAN, there was an even slit between migrating in the next 12 months, or in the next 12-36 months.
  • When asked about their current public cloud environment - 58% stated that they use Azure, 28% are using multi cloud environments and the remaining 14% are using a mixture of AWS, GCP and other.
  • When asked whether they intend for automation to form part of their cyber security strategy over the next 12 months, 95% of attendees either agreed or strongly agreed with this statement.

Our polls provided some great insight from our attendees, particularly around automation forming part of their cyber security strategy.

As well as sharing the content from the event over the coming weeks, we also have some exciting plans in the cyber security space, so please do keep an eye out for updates. 

If you didn’t manage to make it this year then I hope you can join us next year, but in the meantime please do feel free to catch up with this year's exciting event by watching it on-demand now.Access Now


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