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European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) is an international campaign to raise awareness of cyber security challenges - and this year is looking like the best yet!

The cyber security landscape is constantly changing, with professional hackers always looking for the next opportunity to attack anything from individual devices to whole networks. A potential cyber attack could not just affect your business financially but have a deep impact on its operation and indeed its reputation. Being able to anticipate and deal with an attack, and reduce the number of potential vulnerabilities will not only minimise the damage to your business reputationally but potentially reduce the cost of recovery too.

Staying ahead of the game is vital.

Held every October since its launch in 2012, the ECSM campaign aims to help make businesses and individuals more aware of cyber security, with education and resources to help them respond to the growing number of threats.

This year’s motto is ‘Think Before U Click’, focusing on two main themes:

  • Digital Skills looking at e-privacy matters including personal data protection, cyber bullying and cyber stalking.
  • Cyber Scams discussing both current and potential cyber threats such as phishing, business email compromise and online shopping fraud.

Digital Skills

Internet security has never been more important. When COVID-19 hit, the digitalisation of everyday life around the globe increased exponentially - and with it came a whole host of potential cyber security vulnerabilities. Were employees’ personal networks secure enough? Could remote workers access data from different locations with the same security protocols as they did so within the workplace? How much sensitive data should be accessible from home - and what were the associated risks?

Whether it’s personal data protection, cyber bullying or cyber stalking, the key message in this theme is being on top of trends and establishing good practices to stay safe online.

Cyber Scams

The vast increase in e-commerce generated by COVID-19 has equally raised questions around the security of data and online payments. Being aware of the risks of cyber scams, particularly business email compromise, phishing and online shopping fraud is essential for managing and reducing risk. 

CVD launches CVD CYBERCON 2020

While at CVD we don’t believe there should just be one month dedicated to cyber security - it should be at the forefront of the IT strategy of every business all year round - ECSM is an excellent way to bring heightened focus to security challenges and help businesses kick start any actions needed to improve their cyber health.

CVD is delighted to be taking part in ECSM 2020, with new managed service releases and lots of activity planned - including the inaugural CVD CYBERCON 2020, which will bring together our world class cyber security partners, customers and F C, an ethical hacker, to deliver a 360° view of the current state of play in the cyber security world. Having FC on board as a keynote speaker at this event is what sets it apart from other conferences in this arena - and makes it a truly unmissable event for anyone who needs to up their cyber security game… which means it’s unmissable for everyone!

Find out more about CVD CYBERCON 2020 & register now...



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