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It’s a word that instils fear into anyone that actively uses the internet - which, in July 2020 was estimated to be 59% of the global population.

And it’s come a long way since the early days of teenage high jinx with hacking into a phone system to get free long-distance phone calls (the irony of it being Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak - who would just two years later found Apple Computers). 21st century hacking is relentless, fast-moving, sophisticated and a billion dollar business.

So for any modern business, staying one step ahead of cyber threats, closing any potential gaps and reducing vulnerabilities is a top priority.

With European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) almost upon us, it’s a pertinent time to up your cybersecurity game and focus on protecting your business. Who better to ask about all things hacking than a real hacker!

You’d be hard pressed to find someone that’s as “in the know” as F C. Co-founder of cybersecurity consultancy, Cygenta, F C is an ethical hacker with more than 20 years’ experience ranging from penetration testing to social engineering, hacking and cybercrime. From his fledgling assignment of testing a bank’s physical security by infiltrating its gold bullion vault (which he successfully achieved!) to testing the security of a hospital helipad, to becoming head of offensive cyber-research at Raytheon (technology and innovation leader specialising in defence, national security, and other government and commercial markets around the world), F C’s ability to simulate attacks to help organisations better protect themselves is world renowned.. 

F C’s skills in demonstrating weaknesses in physical, personnel and digital controls helps organisations become more security aware, and better-able to defend themselves from malicious attack. With clients that include government agencies, major high-street banks in the UK and FTSE100 companies, F C is able to share his valuable insights on the underground world of hacking.

Who better to help bring a 360 view of the state of cybersecurity as part of the CVD CYBERCON 2020 event than F C, who will be presenting his fascinating “The Nation State of Cybersecurity” at this inaugural event, which will be part of a number of cybersecurity activities and managed service releases within Charterhouse's focus on ECSM. This unmissable session is part of a jam-packed agenda that includes panel sessions from some of the top vendors in the cybersecurity arena, as well as valuable lessons learned by Charterhouse customers in their strategic approach to cybersecurity.

Learn more about CVD CYBERCON 2020 & secure your place now... CVD CYBERCON 2020


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