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Easter is just around the corner and with it comes the long bank holiday weekend.

For many businesses this down time gives staff a welcome break from their working week. For others, it provides an opportunity to attract customers that are normally unavailable Monday to Friday.

When a short working week is on the horizon, what happens when your business is reliant on a paper-based system of operation - your orders, sign off, lease paperwork, customer acceptance processes? Do you see it grinding to a halt over the bank holiday when the postal delivery service is delayed and the people it needs for sign off are enjoying their Easter eggs?

This is where migrating to the Cloud for document management is key, and the benefits can be wide reaching. It’s the answer to being able to access, edit, share and authorise documents anytime, from anywhere. It means that the closure of head office has zero impact on the functioning of other parts of your business.

One of CVD’s customers who has benefited greatly by moving from paper-based document management to a successful Cloud based system is the Stephen James Group, a car dealership with 7 locations in London & Kent. Their sales process required head office to sign off on their car sales but their reliance on paper meant that in the past, while individual dealerships might be open for business to sell cars to customers over the Easter weekend, the entire sales process would stall as head office was closed.

The fact that head office only operated during normal business hours was just the tip of the iceberg. They were also drowning in paper: 6 years worth of full boxes contained orders and invoices that were stored in 3 depots stacked 10 boxes high, and they were being added to all the time. The vehicle handover process was both labour and paper-intensive, the manual document search was inefficient and the high logistical cost of moving documents from office to office was taking its toll on the bottom line. Financial transactions meant the business held sensitive customer information so data security was a top priority, and the need to be GDPR compliant since May 2018 was another regulatory requirement that they needed to fulfil. Stephen James also recognised that the 2 ½ tonnes of waste paper produced every year was having an environmental impact. Change was essential - and a digital document management system was the answer.

Embracing the transformation of any documentation process can be a daunting prospect, especially when there’s an element of “but this is how we’ve always done it” attitude to change. Often staff are the key element to the success of any transformation project. Building in adequate training is vital to ensure everyone is on board and comfortable with the change.

Moving onto one shared platform in the Cloud can be a hugely positive step for any business, bringing together disparate processes and systems to allow greater efficiency, total visibility, control and smarter working. Document management enables people to share and access relevant systems and documents remotely and from multiple locations, replacing manual processes that are open to human error, less secure and more time-consuming. It’s the ultimate virtual filing system that is safe, secure, encrypted and always available.

Using a Document management system for your business is about convenience, automating a paper-based, manual process into an efficient digital one. It helps streamline workflow enabling your business to become more flexible, efficient, productive, and ultimately more successful.

The benefits aren’t just talk, they are tangible cost and time saving benefits that any organisation in any industry can take advantage of. Just ask the Stephen James Group who have saved £26,000 per year on storage and £1,500 on annual waste disposal costs. They’ve also reduced their paper waste by 1.5 tonnes per year and saved over 40 hours of admin per month.

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