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Everyone knows that feeling of thinking something is a long way off, and then it comes around before you know it.

Automating the response to Cybersecurity threats might seem like “something for the future” or like it’s out of reach for your company; Unless you are listed on the FTSE or are an organisation with an army of Security analysts, then Security Orchestration Automation and Response – SOAR – might at the moment be nothing more to you than another Security acronym you have probably heard of? Right?

On the contrary, we are seeing that right now, for organisations of all sizes there are numerous benefits to what can be done through SOAR, often out of the box, with some precanned workflows, playbooks and integrations that have a real and immediate impact on a company’s ability to manage risk and takes significant steps to improving their Cybersecurity posture. All at a time when many (if not most) teams and resources are increasingly stretched.

2021 is going to be the year of SOAR.

But is it for you and your organisation, do you need it? How do you know if you need it? Here are some key questions that might help you consider it.


Do you complete the same tasks regularly?

Are there manual actions that you or colleagues are having to complete that are routine, recurring, time-intensive and require a number of steps to complete effectively? Some of these tasks might seem tedious and often innocuous, and they take precious time to complete (time that might be focused elsewhere?).

However, it is those steps that are often so critical in the context of identifying and dealing with a Cybersecurity event that requires further action or investigation. While adding an extra hour into the day will remain a pipe dream, it is possible to get some time back and achieve your security goals. That’s where SOAR comes in.


How do you currently check other devices once a threat is identified?

The diversity of corporate environments now means that it’s not just about the endpoint or perimeter anymore; how many tools and devices do you have to log into when a threat is spotted to check or remediate? Are there multiple teams that need to check and collaborate on actions?

Bringing into consideration the actions required in cloud toolsets like O365 and other applications, the number of places that need to be checked is ever multiplying and can be onerous to manage.


How would you stop an attack out of hours?

It’s 3am on a Saturday morning, a breach has been detected and is in progress, but what now? What action needs to be taken? How would you stop it? Having the ability to detect threats as they happen is of critical importance, and with an incident comes subsequent investigation and remediation.

But if you get an alert whilst you or your colleagues are sleeping, who is dealing with it? You might have a trusted Security partner who gets to work, but where they don’t have access to your Microsoft tenant (as an example), there’ll be an awful lot of work to do when you wake up and it could be too late.

But with the ability to automatically quarantine an endpoint, disable a mailbox, or a user in AD, isolate a computer from the network on your firewall; with even just a few integrated workflows, SOAR can knit together an automated ability to respond to incidents no matter what the time is.


Does your IT team struggle to keep up with security and IT alerts?

Differentiating signal from noise when it comes to alerts is a challenge for all IT professionals. Alert fatigue is real. So why not reduce the noise by automating your most repetitive tasks?

False positives are vetted out quicker, threats are dealt with faster. Plus, with automation, your team has the time and energy to play a more strategic and proactive role in protecting your company from the threats that matter most.


In Summary

SOAR – whether adopted internally or through an MSSP like Charterhouse – is a worthwhile evaluation in 2021.

Through our Fusion Secure proposition, CVD deliver integrated cyber security solutions which allow customers to protect themselves from cyber threats.

For more information on SOAR, please contact your account manager or feel free to reach out to me or one of the Cybersecurity team...

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The Management benefits of deploying SOAR

A small silver lining from 2020 is that it appears that cyber security is beginning to get the attention it deserves. We still have a way to go but we’re seeing cyber security being discussed more regularly at Board level and many organisations looking to significantly improve their cyber security posture in 2021.