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Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the first European Palo Alto Networks Annual Customer Conference – Ignite 18 Europe. The event has been held in the United States for a number of years and its success there coupled with the exponential growth of Palo Alto Networks on this side of the pond has resulted in the inauguration of a fantastic event.

Over 1,500 EMEA customers and partners joined me in Amsterdam, attending 2,000 sessions of technical briefings, training labs, seminars & demos; all in aid of knowledge sharing, networking and building technical skill sets. A particular highlight of mine being The Cyber Range – a hands-on experience demonstrating how malicious traffic is presented real-time in a firewall’s security logs and how the firewall reacts to malicious activity.

My biggest takeaway from the conference, after speaking to customers and hearing from the vendor, was the prevalence of attack automation and the sheer volume of attacks taking place; it’s astonishing. Security breaches are weekly headline news, and that’s largely down to the ever-changing threat landscape – no longer does the face of a hacker belong to a bored teenager sitting in their bedroom – it’s a computer.

It’s always interesting to hear Palo Alto Network’s CTO and founder Nir Zuk speak about his vision for the future of Cybersecurity, disrupting the status quo, and standing up to the challenge of fighting machines with machines. Automation, integration and consistent security are the order of the day from Palo Alto Networks, and for good reason.Ignite 18 Palo Alto

Unfortunately, the perimeter is dead (long live the new perimeter!). Now wherever data lives, whether it’s in the cloud, at the endpoint, or in the data centre, the automation of attacks mean we must automate against them. We all need to look beyond the outdated assumptions we’ve had on endpoint, perimeter and on-premise devices, and apply a consistent approach to security. Food for thought.


I was pleased to be able to meet up with some of my customers at this year’s event and would encourage you all to make a note in your diaries for next year, which I’m sure will be even bigger and better; it’s just the way that Palo Alto Networks seem to do things.

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