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Mobile Spend Manager

With the demand for mobility continuing to increase, the need for organisations to efficiently and effectively track their mobile spend is growing concurrently. 

The Charterhouse answer is 'Mobile Spend Manager' - a centralised portal which adds value to what the network providers can offer directly. 

Some of the benefits of the Mobile Spend Manager portal include:

  • Easy management of your mobile fleet
  • Usage trends can be identified
  • Bill-shock can be avoided by tracking usage
  • Tracking allows organisations to enforce policies, should they wish to 
  • Reports are easy to export 
  • Dashboards are customisable 
  • international calls can be split out 
  • Personal usage can be separated from business usage 

For more about the benefits of the Mobile Spend Manager portal, watch the demo below ...


To learn more about how this portal - as part of one of our mobile propositions - can help your organisation, please speak to the team today. 

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