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If you're in IT,  it seems that the latest thing you need to get on top of is “Zoom-bombing". This involves pranksters or internet trolls crashing public or private Zoom meetings and private lectures and exploiting the screen sharing feature to show disturbing content!

Whilst we can recommend other tools for video or online conferencing, all of which offer high levels of security, such as 8x8, Mitel, Microsoft Teams, etc - this does not help if you are already heavily invested in Zoom.

If, like many companies, Zoom is your incumbent video conferencing solution, then we have some information from our friends at MobileIron which will make your Zoom meetings quite literally "Bomb Proof". This applies to users operating on iOS, iPadOS, and Android Enterprise mobile devices, and macOS and Windows 10 laptops, that are managed by MobileIron’s unified endpoint management (UEM) platform. MobileIron Threat Defence (MTD) can also be enabled on iOS, iPadOS, and Android Enterprise mobile devices to protect against mobile device threats, as threat actors are creating malware and malicious exploit kits that can attack these Zoom vulnerabilities.

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James Saturnio, Head Solution Architect at MobileIron, has produced an informative blog about how MobileIron UEM+MTD mitigates the risk and how to provision it correctly in this scenario. If you are using iOS, Android Enterprise, MacOS or Windows10 we can enforce a Zoom base-line configuration and drive the optimum security settings for each Zoom customer. MobieIron Threat Defence (MTD) users are further protected through real-time behavioural change analysis, malware and threat defence with detection and remediation taking place on-device. 

Read the blog here >>>

If you would like a MobileIron demo, or more information about any of the solutions we have mentioned, please register your interest here.

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