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Staying connected and collaborating with your now virtual team

With so many organisations, including GP surgeries and clinics, now working remotely, it's so important to stay connected with our teams throughout the day. Whether that's for a team meeting to start the day or collaborating with a wider team about a particular patient over the course of a few days.

In this vlog, Katie Nicholas (Public Sector Consultant) provides a step by step guide to setting up your first group call using Microsoft Teams, empowering you to seamlessly collaborate with your virtual team. 

Topics discussed include:
  • A step by step guide on setting up your first Microsoft Teams call
  • Stay connected with your now virtual team
  • Collaborating throughout the day with your team
  • How GP surgeries are using Microsoft Teams to run daily virtual team meetings

Watch now to learn more:


Katie is on hand to help you understand more about how Microsoft Teams is being used to help teams stay connected.

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The 3 Pillars of Success


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