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E=MC2 is possibly the most famous of scientific equations, and Einstein’s theory of relativity was long accepted as the absolute in the world of science.

However, just as new thoughts and ideas have challenged the science status quo, so too has the way in which the business world operates. As the world has become more connected, price or product is no longer the major currency - the shift has swung in favour of customer experience.

If a customer has a bad experience they can leave negative review for millions to see. Your next customer is one click away from reading that bad review on TripAdvisor/TrustPilot or any other review source, and with people increasingly turning to online review sources before making any buying decision, a positive customer experience has become more important than ever. Customer experience is the new absolute.

But how do you enhance your customer experience?

You could invest in the bells and whistles of technology which enables your business to be connected to your customers at any time - on their mobile devices wherever they are 24/7. But without the human factor behind that technology operating effectively and positively for the organisation, the technology becomes ineffectual.

The human factor is your employees. The face of your business. And the human factor is key.

Unless your staff are empowered, understand your business, have a vested interest in it and believe in it, the technology can only ever deliver part of your overall customer experience. And it’s not just about front line, client facing employees, but every single employee. Richard Branson is pioneering in this approach. In this interview from 2014 he said “my philosophy has always been, if you can put staff first, your customer second and shareholders third, effectively, in the end, the shareholders do well, the customers do better, and you yourself are happy.”

Your customer experience journey begins not with your customers but with your employees. Reward them. Guide them. Listen to them and their experiences. Understand how they engage not only with your customers but also their peers so that you understand their full circle working experience. Empower them so they understand and establish their own goals and agree them together - that way they are much more likely to want to achieve them, and indeed be successful in so doing. It’s the JFK/NASA janitor experience all over again: if every employee understands the vision, the part they have to play in it, and are committed to delivering the very best experience to everyone they engage with, then the customer experience will naturally follow.

Understand how their peer interaction aids or impedes their ability to deliver their goals. Knowledge is power - without understanding drive, and what will make employees excel and succeed, you aren’t able to support them in delivering a great customer experience. Provide them with the skills to do their job, but make it fun - gamification has been deployed in customer facing departments within businesses over the last decade to help motivate participation, engagement and loyalty among employees. It drives the right behaviour in a working environment that’s enjoyable and people want to be a part of. Gamification can truly bring the customer experience full circle.

Whatever your organisation, B2C or B2B, whatever the industry sector, the absolute is, and should be, customer experience, and CVD can help your business on its journey to delivering it. We can help you map out your customer journey, demonstrate the technology that improves team working & collaboration so that you can manage how your employees are feeling in real time. Data on both employee & customer behaviour and sentiment is key. Once you have your employees aligned and empowered, you may even find you need less technology - just better processes, structure and the right attitude in place to make it work. The human factor is the key ingredient to successful transformation in today's digital world, without which the rest simply cannot fall into place.

The best place to work = the highest level of customer satisfaction.

EX = CX2

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