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The 3 Pillars of Success


How we access and interrogate data defines our strategies around growth. Harnessing the data we gather unlocks the value in our customer base and gives us insight into how to best serve them.

Without our data we have nothing.

As with anything of value, being responsible for it carries an element of risk. As such, information governance is a key component of any IT strategy for Enterprise organisations.

Compliance requirements define how and what we record, store and share with our colleagues who have a shared goal to drive growth. We need to constantly assess the data to act on insights and to understand the risk it presents in order to protect it from malicious intent or consequential loss through insider activity. Understanding what the greatest impact to our business of a successful cyber attack would be is crucial when planning our defences (e.g. reputational damage, impact on shareholder value, financial loss, operational downtime, etc)

In business, we also need to understand what the data is telling us about our interactions in order to measure success or areas for improvement. As such we need to equip our people with technology which allows them to be more productive, acting on intelligence in order to better serve our customer base. The coaching we offer our customer service teams for example, should focus on the value we can create in improving behaviours that enhance the CX and reduce response times. But in order to really understand how to achieve this we need to be able to uncover the areas for improvement and measure the impact of change.

The advances in AI and monitoring tools also allow us to highlight training requirements by recording interactions and highlighting how customers perceive us. As well as flagging unusual activity on the network, outages or bottlenecks so we can react quickly to any issues, automate workflows or even trigger a policy change or action based on a tailored governance framework.

Whether we are in an office, at home or on the move should no longer dictate how we can work. We must please both our users and customers by providing a platform to communicate effectively, through whatever medium they prefer.

Of course, connectivity and high-performance networking is essential.

So, we must agree that it’s vital that businesses can connect to their people, clients and locations together on an intelligent network that controls access whilst prioritising traffic through the applications that enable productivity and growth?

Often, the integration of various systems proves the biggest challenge as no point solution can cater for the needs of a business. Otherwise we would all have it already!

Providing access to our systems and data without compromising on security is also a key challenge that IT departments face in today’s world.

And, of course nobody wants to pay more than they need to for these business-critical services.

There’s a lot to think about.

Fusion - is the act of combining two or more things that then become one. And so it seemed the perfect choice for us when it came to categorising all the technology and services Charterhouse provide.

We need to find the perfect balance between expenditure on IT and the value that it can create for a business across multiple technologies through consolidation and economies of scale.

We break it all down into three key pillars. Connect Collaborate & Secure.

Our basic principle is that all businesses need to be able to communicate effectively and securely for which they require fast, reliable connectivity and the tools that will allow them to do so most effectively within budget.

FUSION CONNECT delivers reliable and high performance mobile local and wide area connectivity services in any location on any device. We understand that user experience is key and that businesses need to securely connect users to applications with cloud friendly virtual infrastructure that can leverage any combination of transport services including MPLS, LTE and Broadband.

We have built an Ecosystem of partners to deliver a connectivity offering that is resilient, easy to manage and that can deliver diversity across multiple carriers. And by harnessing software to define how a network is accessed and how data and traffic routes across it we can ensure application performance & centralise control whilst enhancing the user experience and reducing costs.

FUSION COLLABORATE is designed to help you enable and empower your staff with tools such as video, messaging and a full suite of contact centre features that allow them to collaborate across multiple integrated platforms whilst giving you control and visibility, coupled with powerful analytics and reporting, so you can best serve both your users and customers.

FUSION SECURE starts with your data. We help you understand the value and risk it carries, and to highlight weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your security posture so that you can detect and respond quickly to data breaches and harden your defences to protect against data loss from external or insider activity. We start by offering a free Cyber Security Review that allows us to define a tailored approach and help you to profile “best in class” technology solutions available across a vast array of vendors to suit your profile as you continue your journey towards Cyber maturity.

We are focused on outcomes and how you can deliver a return on investment.

We prefer to engage early in the discovery phase where we can make the biggest impact on shaping the needs through a detailed understanding of objectives and by understanding how a business operates.

No two customers are the same we meet businesses every day on different stage of their journey to digital transformation. That said, the underlying objectives remain similar and our experience allows us to apply what we have learned in the many projects we have delivered for our customers.

CONNECT and COLLABORATE with Charterhouse to SECURE an IT strategy that delivers.

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