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Both Charterhouse and Mimecast have recently seen a constant stream of organisations migrating their email security away from MessageLabs to Mimecast. This is due to a number of reasons including the reduction in support from Symantec following the Broadcom acquisition.

If you discard the issues mentioned above, the world we live in today is different to that of even the beginning of 2020 and for anyone working in IT and Security, we must adapt to this.

How many conference calls are we on when you hear a child in the background? Users generally have more distractions at home than they would in the office, so logically, we should expect them to make more mistakes. For example,  accidentally clicking on that link because the child was running around in the background or not checking that URL when being asked to submit their credentials.

Email is still the highest attack vector so as an organisation you need the highest levels of protection and granular controls to support your users in these strange and challenging times.

A financial services organisation that migrated to Mimecast earlier this year recently made this comment:

I wish we’d known about Mimecast’s granular functionality sooner, beats Messagelabs on all possible fronts. Thanks to CVD & Karl’s expert advice, implementation and transition was very smooth. Allowing outbound email flow for couple of weeks through Mimecast first was the right thing to do. This way we allowed the new system to learn the majority of our trusted senders, which then allowed the inbound flow switch to be very smooth with only few exceptions to deal with.

All in all, very happy with the way Mimecast works, the detailed level of control it offers, state of the art technology.

Why migrate with us?

  • Free of charge configuration with a 43 point best practice check list
  • No need to pay 12 months up front, we offer monthly billing
  • Up to 3 months free if you are coming to the end of your MessageLabs contract
  • Regular best practice checks throughout the contract with your Technical Account Manager
  • Security First Approach
  • Support included in your Mimecast subscription

Is it time for you to migrate? Want enhanced control? Want better protection for your users? Want to work with an organisation that puts security first?

Speak to the team to find out more.

Speak to the team

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