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Keeping families connected.

During some of the most emotional times some of us will ever experience - keeping lines of communications open, if a friend or family member is hospitalised due to Covid-19, has never been more crucial. In this vlog Katie Nicholas shares insights about how some NHS Trusts, across the UK, are using technology to bring families closer together.

Topics discussed include:
  • How technology is enabling 'virtual visiting hours'
  • Keeping patients and families connected

Watch now to learn more:


Katie is on hand to help you understand more about the technology being used to deliver 'virtual visiting hours'.

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Are you Aware of The Hidden Costs and Environmental Impact of a PBX?

The hidden costs of a PBX that nobody considers...

Are you aware of them? 

When considering a new telephony system, most people look at the cost of:

  • the physical phone
  • a license
  • the install
  • the servers & storage for any virtual elements
  • peripherals

BUT, one simple thing that is often missed is the running costs, environmental impact of physical phones and the power consumption - even whilst sat idling!

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What is an Infinite Enterprise?

What is an Infinite Enterprise?

According to Gartner Magic Quadrant Leaders, Extreme Networks, we are all firmly in the era of the Infinite Enterprise. But what exactly is the Infinite Enterprise and why should organisations want to become ‘Infinite’?