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When we talk about mobile in 2020 we’re not just talking about a mobile phone. Or even connectivity.

Mobile in 2020 is about mobility and being mobile. It’s about providing customers with the ability for people to work effectively and efficiently, giving them the best access to the tools they need to do their job, from anywhere and at any time.

Why Fusion Mobile?

There are lots of players out there in the mobile market. At Charterhouse we believe that providing exceptional service, access to greater coverage and cost effective options is what delivers the value add to our clients, one that sets us apart and makes us a supplier of choice. We aim to provide a service that means a customer is always benefiting from the best of what’s available to them.

What do we mean by value?

Mobile contracts can go under the radar when it comes to contract renewal - there’s a certain amount of apathy which means people don’t always investigate moving to a new supplier...

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Unless there’s something really ‘broken’ with an incumbent such as very poor coverage, the account management is severely lacking or the network is under delivering, many customers simply renew their contracts year on year. It’s easier that way.

But there can be huge value in moving from a legacy mobile estate that just keeps ticking over, especially if it means the customer can enjoy real and significant benefits of improvements in either coverage, service or cost - or ideally all of the above, wrapped up in a value added service.

How do we do it?

For us, it’s all about building a close relationship with our customers. We like to delve deeper into what’s happening - peeling away the layers to look at the current state of play, finding out what’s important to a customer (this isn’t always simply cost-reduction), identify any pain points for the business and then tailoring a solution to deliver an exceptional service.

Fusion Mobile from Charterhouse offers excellent choice around connectivity options, application control and management on devices - all wrapped up within a secure and supported environment.

Here’s how it can work in practice…

We’ve recently spoken to a prospect who has been with a network provider since 1994, and on the face of it hadn’t really felt the need to move. When we started to talk through their service we unearthed some issues that when put together, highlighted some serious gaps in what they’d perceived as being a decent enough service: network coverage was poor in their head office, account management had been sporadic at best, they had been on the receiving end of a recent £5k bill shock for one user and they had no security strategy or mobile device management in place. By peeling back those layers and getting to the heart of their business we’ve been able to offer them a solution that includes WiFi calling from a different network, application reporting software for granular detail information usage across the whole mobile fleet (and set policies that ensure bill shock doesn’t happen in the first place), mobile device management & security software, as well as offering them the best tariff that enables them to save 25-40% on their current costs.

With all that on offer, why wouldn’t they move?!

Charterhouse proudly brings together the foundations of outstanding coverage, service and cost with one point of contact for ordering, provisioning and reporting - all underpinned by the best customer experience. We believe Fusion Mobile offers the ultimate value proposition to our customers.

Get in touch to find out more about Fusion Mobile for your business.

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