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SD-LAN Networking From A Different Perspective 

What are the Key Components of a Network As A Service (NAAS) Model?

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The move towards as a service models (AAS) within IT has been an unstoppable and inevitable transition - the way that enterprises consume key applications has moved from traditional on premise solutions, towards those that are hosted in the cloud and are consumed on a AAS model, with Salesforce and Microsoft 365 being the most obvious examples.

Infrastructure is rapidly following this trend, and the recent issues highlighted as a result of COVID-19 have demonstrated the limitations of the status-quo, and the need for networking solutions to follow and be delivered on a AAS model.

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SD-LAN is a new and powerful Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) network solution from Charterhouse, that gives you firm control of your networks from anywhere at any time.

Now, whatever happens, your business-critical networks can run smoothly and efficiently while maintaining the tightest security and highest resilience.

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