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Find out how you can help your team respond to threats  

A major challenge for IT teams can be a lack of internal resources. It means the day job becomes more about keeping the ‘lights on’ and less about actively identifying potential breaches. Some organisations rely on centralised logs but many admit that they don’t proactively review and threat hunt within these logs.

The good news is that threats can now not only be detected much more efficiently, but your team can receive a visual, correlated set of information showing the complete picture of the threat, enabling them to concentrate on the response. Detection and response can be within hours as opposed to days or even months - a vast improvement to your security posture, especially compared to only detecting threats once it is too late and some damage has already been done.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How you can automatically detect threats
  • How you can reduce your time from investigation to response
  • How Behavioural Analytics can reduce your security posture
  • How to gain information when users and devices are away from the network

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