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The office is back - are you hybrid-ready?

Back to the Future of the Office!

After months of shutdown and remote operations, thousands of UK businesses are unlocking their offices and discovering a new way of working. The result is a fast-growing demand for hybrid working, a blend of on-premise and remote working that requires virtual collaboration to be effective both inside and outside the office.

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Is nine-to-five history, and daily commutes a thing of the past?

Nine-to-five is history. Daily commutes a thing of the past. For millions of UK workers, what seemed so predictable before March 2020 is unthinkable now. Today, we’ve adjusted to a different way of life and a different way of working.

The office is coming back!

When restrictions end, we want these benefits to continue by taking virtual capability back to our newly opened offices. Here we can carry on delighting our customers via familiar collaboration platforms, and we can use the same technologies to support our hybrid work requirements and communicate effortlessly between colleagues across office and remote locations.

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